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We print everything from t-shirts to mugs. If you need an original design or if you have the details for it and you need someone to turn it into a ready to print design, all you have to do is contact us and we shall turn it into a reality.

Usually the price range for custom design work with full copyright to the owner is negotiable /design, depending on the complexity of the graphic. Also, to start a job we ask a percentage of the amount of the project amount in advance. After the project is done and all the designs or other graphic materials are approved, we ask for the remaining amount and we transfer all the rights to the owner, signing a “work for hire” agreement if necessary.

Contact Info.

Lorenz Printing Products
San Antonio, Los Banos, Laguna
P:(+63) 930-883-9279 / (+63) 926-293-4109

Legendary Shirts

These are sample legendary t-shirt designs.


These are sample mug designs.

Personalized Shirts

These are sample personalized shirt designs .

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